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Region 17 activities

Congratulations to Anne Hardcastle one of our members, she has made 100 boxes for the guild tombola and also 12 of the anniversay block.  What a fantastic contribution.Behind Closed Doors  November December in Cregagh Library BelfastInitially we were anxious we would not have many entries as some members were a bit put off by the title but as usual our members came up with a varied and thought provoking exhibition. As usual our International members from the south of Ireland joined with us

Region 17      Retreat An Grianan - November 2018

 We are having a retreat weekend in An Grianan from Friday afternoon until Sunday lunch time 23-25 November 2018. We will be having 2 demo/workshops on the Saturday. They are being given by 2 of our members:  one on  Eco-Dyeing/Eco-Printing and the other on Indigo and Shibori, both conducted in the art area. We also have booked a clean room for sewing. The food is great, we have access to a little kitchen for making cups of tea or coffee but the best thing is the people, they make it special, the 'craic' is great,  as we say over here.

Report on the weekend
It was a brilliant weekend with us producing eco-printed scarves and one person some eco-printed paper. I was delighted with my Indigo dyed piece. The interesting thing was I use pale pink fabric but when it was opened and ironed the pale bits actually look white!!!!! We all enjoyed it and I know some members are saying they can not wait for the next retreat.


Behind Closed Doors......... Exhibition February 2019

Hopefully our members are working on their pieces to the theme of "Behind Closed Doors". We have to make pieces not larger than 40 inches and not smaller than 24 inches on any side. We will be showing our work in the Cregagh Library for the month of February 2019.

A Good Read
3 - 28th October 2017  in Cregagh Library, Belfast


An exhibition of work by a “virtual” group of quilt making friends from the whole of Ireland, members of the Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles.

We had a fun afternoon on 23rd September when we unveiled our pieces for the above exhibition. One member had driven approx. 225 miles to deliver her 6 black and white pieces based on Alice Through the Looking Glass. After the meeting she drove home again, a round trip of around 450 miles. 2 members were from Dublin, one of them gave a talk in the morning and then drove the 100 miles to deliver her 3 pieces. They show such loyalty to our group.

There was great variation in the books chosen and in the way people chose to represent them. A few pieces have still to arrive so it looks like we will have an excellent show with all the fabulous hangings.Thank you Margaret McCrory for having us.


Blowing in the Wind exhibition 
24 May - 10 June 2016 -
Artspace @ Haptik, Newtownards Northern Ireland

This exhibition is presented by quilters from all over Ireland who are members of the Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles.
14 of the 16 who began the project completed the challenge.
Jane Caldwell, Cullybackey -- Jacqueline Davie, Newtownards -- Laura Douglas, Coleraine -- Ann Fleeton, Killiney -- Anne Hardcastle, Belfast -- Helen Hartley, Bangor -- Helen Heron, Maghera -- Mary Heseltine, Dunlaoghaire -- Claire Lynch (Group piece only), Ennis -- Irene MacWilliam, Dunmurry -- Phyl Maxwell, Bangor -- Margaret McCrory, Ballygowan -- Paula Rafferty, Limerick -- Margaret Woodside, Larne

Because we are so scattered we decided to work on a shared project in which each person depended on the others in her group of 4 playing their part. 
First the theme,- “Blowing in the Wind” was agreed. Each member having decided on her interpretation of the theme then made two identical starter pieces. One of these pieces was passed on to the next member of her group with some indication of her intention.  She is then free to work on this piece in any way she wishes, contributing her own response to the maker’s original idea. The only stipulation is that she is not allowed to discard anything. A second and a third exchange is made in the same way without being seen by the originator. The piece then goes back to the originator to finish as she wishes.

In the meantime the originator of each piece has been developing her own starter piece as she originally intended.

The variety of ideas on a single theme is fascinating and made even more so by the way each piece has been worked on by the other members of their group.

Thanks to the ‘By Design’ group, and in particular Susan Chapman, for sharing their idea. Thanks also to the art team at Haptic for facilitating our exhibition.

January 2016 ......   Blowing in the Wind challenge

Eight of us met at Helen Heron’s house on a snowy day in January for the big reveal of the latest of our challenges. This was 50% of the participants. As we are so few in numbers we join together with members in the South of Ireland for these challenges.

Back in the autumn in 2014 we were asked if we wished to participate in ‘Blowing in the Wind’. 16 members voted to join in. We were to be divided into 4 groups. We had 2 make 2 identical pieces as a starting point. One of these starter pieces was to go to the next person in our group. This person had to add to or alter this piece and then send it on to the next person until it returned to the originator who would finish it.

We had great fun looking at the pieces and discussing them. The images of some of the pieces can be viewed on the carousel slide show on our opening page.

We had a show of a few of Rosalind Shaw's pieces. Very enjoyable

After a delicious pot luck lunch we discussed about exhibiting them….. more details to follow. It looks like they will be on show in June and July in two different venues.

Next Challenge for our members.

We then went on to discuss an idea that Helen Heron had. All presentt voted to go with it. We were to work from a book with blocks of it allocated to the individual partakers. However until we have feedback from the missing members this is not a final decision.

May 2015 update on our activities

Region 17 of QGBI have an unusual method of operation that is probably unique in the Guild. Numerically we are a very small group and most members also belong to other local quilt groups which meet on a monthly basis so although we only get together as the Quilters’ Guild on rare occasions we still manage to run group ‘events’ through our Yahoo site.

We don’t have a standard committee so everyone can suggest a project and/or volunteer to be the organiser on project by project basis.

Last year we ran together with members from the South of Ireland a Chinese Whispers challenge in two groups of six, both started with the same photograph and it was really interesting to see how differently the groups work turned out. The final quilts were shown in a small gallery in Belfast.

Again with members from the South we are half way through a new challenge based on an idea by the ‘By Design’ group in England. We simplified the rules slightly but there are four groups of four quilters all working on the theme ‘Blowing in the Wind’. We each made two identical starter pieces, one of these is passed around on a three monthly rotation, each quilter may use any technique to add to the piece, including chopping up and unpicking but nothing may be discarded! The second starter piece is to be completed personally on the same theme. There may be much laughter or floods of tears when we have the big reveal in November and see what our ‘friends’ have done to each starter piece!

So even though we don’t meet very often ‘in person’ we still have great fun as a group of quilters who just happen to be geographically scattered throughout Northern Ireland.

December 2014 Exhibition of the  Whisper Quilts and a election of quilts from our members was held in the Cregagh Library, Belfast The images may be seen in the banner section of Region 17. There are 6 hangings in landscape format and 6 images in portrait format which started with an image supplied by Phyl Maxwell.

Saturday 13th September 2014

Meeting for our members over lunch at Helen Heron's house. We will unveil the Whisper Quilts. We will be having two special visitors, Liz Whitehouse the Chief Executive of the Quilters' Guild and Margie Jenkins who is the trustee for Membership. Its great that these two people are coming to show support for our small Region and no better place to meet than at Helen's stunning home. This will be a very special and exciting occasion for all of us.

We will also discuss our forthcoming exhibition and plans for the next year.

ONGOING 2013-2014
Whisper Challenge of Yahoo Group and Region 17 plus our Southern members -Ireland 2013-2014

24 x 18 inch 60 x 45 cm Whisper Challenge 2013 - 2014
We will be working with 2 groups of 6 people and will have 2 months to make our pieces. One group will produce their pieces in landscape the other in portrait. 
As we started in September 2013 we should finish our challenge in autumn 2014. we are booked to show our finished pieces in Cregagh Library, Belfast in December 2014. 
Work has to consist of 3 layers. We can use whatever technique/s we want and finish our pieces whatever way we wish. We must not show our work either in progress or when finished to any of the people in the group. We re to keep notes on our thought processes as we work and these will be shown alongside the hangings. 
We are joining with members in the South of Ireland  - International members- on this venture

The first quilt in each group has been passed to the second person in the chain. Some interesting comments on our discussion site have arisen from this.

Region 17 made a quilt to raffle for The Quilters' Guild AGM. 

Anne Hardcastle designed and obtained all the fabric, wadding and backing. She made up packs for us to assemble in a hectic days sewing. See the pictures lower down this page. Anne then took all our blocks and fitted them together and did the quilting. Our quilt raised over £900 for the QGBI  at the  2014 AGM/Conference in Portsmouth.

REGION 17 get together- 11 February 2014 - report by Margaret McCrory

We were all invited to Phyl Maxwell's home on 11th February.  Unfortunately some members were not able to go. Here is a report.
Some of us arrived later than we intended to owing in my case to being given wrong directions by a postman!! Others had problems with unforseen road works.  However it was well worth the journey. Those present were Phyl Maxwell(obviously), Jacqueline Davie and Ann Blachford (who along with Phyl) were showing their quilts.Irene MacWilliam, Anne Hardcastle, Margaret Woodside, Roselind Shaw and I were also were also there.

We sat for a long time around the table enjoying scones, Christmas cake, fruit loaf and Fancy biscuits with tea/coffee.  In fact we talked for so long that some of us did not leave as much time as we would have wanted to to see the quilts! Ann's were spread over every surface in a bedroom at the front of the bungalow Colour, colour and brightness everywhere!   Jacqueline's gorgeous collection was in another bedroom.  Phyl's were in her sewing room but there were also stunning framed embroidered pictures on the walls.  

I'm trying to find the words to sum up the morning.  Probably friendship and sharing would come closest. Thank you to the three quilters who shared their work/play with us and to Phyl for her hospitality.

Ann Fleeton image from Behind Closed Doors


Region 17 banner

The  banner depicts various landmarks in Northern Ireland. Made by members

Lunch time for raffle quilt makers

We had an early lunch as the electricity went off and we had to wait for someone to come and sort us out.

Lunch time for raffle quilt makers