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Rita Cox

I am quite an old bird of 74, my husband is lovely but I am still working on the training after30 years. I have four grown up children, two of each, four grandchildren again two of each and my younger granddaughter is expecting a baby boy in September. He has, via his mum, already ordered a quilt. I live in Rye, have a B&B and live in hopes of being able to retire one day and have a sewing room - which would be utter joy.

I love and gain great satisfaction from textile work, patchwork and quilting, embroidery, felt making (but absolutely not dress making in any shape or form), loads of colour, gardening, my garden is always a bit of a jungle of flowers and herbs, love to read, listen to music, love cats and have the most beautiful cat in the world (she tells me).

I am a member of the Traditional Quilt group and am intrigued and fascinated by the social history quilting has carried with it as unwitting testimony of quilters' lives

Wage a continual war with my mobile 'phone and won't speak text. I like Shakespeare and poetry, good novels and thrillers and having a good laugh.