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  • Lindsay Knight

    Hi I’ve been a quilter now for ten years and have belonged to various groups in Norfolk. Having just… (read more)

  • Moira Neal

    Hello! I am a free machine artist and I love to upcycle old cotton sheets to use in my work. I enjoy… (read more)

  • Elizabeth Whitehouse

    I grew up in a sewing household and I have sewn all my life: dressmaking, curtains, basic embroidery… (read more)

  • Julie Edwards

    Member of the guild since 2005 and was on Region 14 committee from 2009 firstly as newsletter editor,… (read more)

  • Lynda McCleery

    Retired. Live in Belfast with husband. Children all gone, no dogs or cats. Have loved sewing all my… (read more)

  • Jane Rogers

    My name is Jane Rogers and I live in Bury St Edmunds, with my husband and our 2 cats and have done for… (read more)

  • Nicola James

    Hi have tried various crafts over many years and have now settled with patch work and guilting Unfortunately… (read more)

  • Rita Cox

    I am quite an old bird of 74, my husband is lovely but I am still working on the training after30 years.… (read more)